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Welcome to NotJustADegree.com!

This site was created to give tips, information and confidence to those in college or interested in further education. I want to give back and share my lessons learned so that you can have the best experience possible and achieve massive success!

Who Am I?

My name is Hudson, like the river. This is a phrase I created when I first arrived at the University of Florida so that students and professors would stop calling me “Hunter”. It soon caught on and everyone remembered me for it, which made adapting to the sea of 50,000 students a much easier transition.

I recently graduated, Spring of 2018, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology.

While I was passionate about the material I was learning, my time was stretched by my obligations to the NROTC program and my fraternity. More than that, I participated in intramural sports, clubs, organizations, and side jobs, all of which took a toll on my grades and physical performance.

Through trial and plenty of error, I found methods that allowed me to efficiently use my time, get great grades despite my extracurricular commitments, and have the time of my life experiencing the social aspects of college as well.

Why I Want to Help You and Other Students

I struggled during the first two years of college with so many new responsibilities, grading systems and a very different environment. I was constantly stressed and tired, but I knew there had to be a way to be able to do everything I wanted and still enjoy life in the process. Once I found the way, I felt obligated to share my lessons learned and tips; so I wrote a book.

However, it would have taken me ages to include everything I learned within the book, so I created this site to bring you more tips and tricks without any cost but your time reading.



My goal is to better equip you for college with the information, life hacks, and strategies that no one else tells you about, so that you can be more successful than you ever dreamed.

My vision is for there to be a college campus where the majority of students love what they are studying, enjoy their free time created by efficient strategies, and dominate every aspect of their college experience. Too many students struggle with anxiety, depression, substance abuse and BURN OUT. This simply should not be the case, and I want to change that fact.

If you have a question or need help, please feel free to write it in the comments below. If you want to say hello, please do so as well!

All the best,

Hudson, LikeTheRiver

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