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Best Dorm Room Refrigerator In 2018! A College Necessity

I don’t know a single person who lived in the dorms that did not have a mini fridge! It helped me tremendously when the guys down the hall broke the water fountain outside my room; the only water fountain on our hall! Yeah, I’m still upset years later, but I survived with the waters in my mini fridge that also served as my bedside table!

It is an absolute must if you want to have cool waters, Gatorades or milk for those protein shakes! And don’t forget about the beer! No one likes hot beer.

Here are my reviews of the best, cheapest mini fridges so that you can have cold food or beverages and enjoy life in your college dorm!

While I have provided links to purchase the refrigerators, please check sites like Craigslist and Facebook for people getting rid of their old ones! I sold mine on Craigslist for half of what I bought it for.

The Cheap Classic, Danby’s Designer Compact Refrigerator!

This is by far the most commonly seen mini fridge in college dorms. In fact, it is the one I had for two years before selling it on Craigslist!

With multiple sizes to choose from, plenty of space and it being energy star compliant, it is no wonder that it is an Amazon Best Seller!

Product Details for the one I had, the 2.6 Cubic Foot Size (Pros)

  • 47lbs
  • 120 Volts
  • 20.1 x 17.7 x 27 inches Dimensions
  • Steel Door and Frame
  • 8 can Door Storage and Tall Bottle Storage
  • Energy Star Compliant (energy efficient and lasts longer)
  • Scratch Resistant Worktop
  • 30 day warranty for plastic parts, 18 months for functional parts
  • Quiet

Common Complaints (Cons)

  • Some units have arrived damaged! Beware, as this can be frustrating although Danby will send a replacement
  • Does not hold a consistent temperature (Melts ice and ice cream). I cannot speak from experience here, as I never kept anything that would melt while I used it.

My rating: 7/10 This is the standard and fit-all-needs mini fridge. It is decently cheap for what it can hold, and it was more than enough for me in college.

A Step Up, RCA’s 2 Door Fridge and Freezer (Stainless Steel)

A fancier, larger and more durable mini fridge?! Let’s look a bit closer at the differences…

Product Details (Pros)

    • 58lbs
    • Slide out Shelves
    • 22 x 20 x 34 inches Dimensions
    • Stainless Steel Door and Frame
    • Can Dispenser and Door Basket for 2L Bottles, Separate Freezer Compartment and Door
    • Adjustable Thermostat, High Performance
    • 90 day Warranty


Common Complaints (Cons)

  • Some units arrived damaged
  • Low hum (white noise)
  • Not Energy Star Compliant
  • Not as many reviews

My rating: 8/10 In this case, you do get more for the higher price in regard to performance and durability. Even though I give it a higher rating based on features and performance, I would still buy the previous one on a college budget. It was more than enough for my uses, but if you need something a bit higher classed, then by all means look into this one.

When Size Matters, Midea’s Compact Single Door Refrigerator

If you need a mini fridge for a smaller dorm or to fit under a desk, this one is for you! It still has decent space but in a short and stout frame.

Product Details (Pros)

    • 36lbs
    • 1.6 Cubic Feet
    • 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches Dimensions
    • 115 Volts
    • Stainless Steel Exterior With Iron Internals
    • Adjustable Legs and Reversible Door
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • A Lot of Reviews, Mostly Happy Ones


Common Complaints (Cons)

  • Internal compartment tapers toward the back
  • Single door version does not have freezer capabilities
  • Some units received damaged
  • Produces more condensation and noise over time

My rating: 6/10 From almost all the reviews, this little refrigerator does what is needed and gets the job done. I think for the price and purpose, this is a great mini fridge for a small space. However, it does not seem like a good purchase for the long haul, (use over a year or two).

The Most Portable, Cooluli’s Portable Mini Fridge

If you don’t need much space, and love to keep things chilled on the go, then this is the fridge for you! A friend of mine used this little thing on a trip, and it was awesome for the price he paid!

Product Details (Pros)

  • 3lbs, Yeah you read that right!
  • 10.2 x 7.7 x 10.5 inches dimensions
  • Holds up to Six 12oz Cans
  • Can be a Cooler or Heater, The Perfect Lunchbox?!
  • AC/DC and USB Adapters Included
  • Matte Finish and Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Design
  • A LOT of Reviews, Mostly Postitive
  • No Noise

Common Complaints (Cons)

  • Must Contact Seller For Warranty
  • Some Complaints of it Dying After 6 months
  • A Few Cases of Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Shallow Handle, Must Be Careful Carrying When Full!

My Rating: 5/10 for long-term dorm usage, 9/10 for short term “lunch box” usage!

It seems as though people love this little fridge for temporary bouts of cooling or heating, like for bringing lunch to work or keeping something cool throughout the day. It fits on or under any desk and is very light to carry.

For a year or more in a dorm as a consistent mini fridge, I do not think this is the best option. However, for the super low price, it may be a great short-term investment for a college student who doesn’t need to constantly keep a large amount of food or beverages cold at all times.

Go With What is Best For You!

Hopefully my research has helped you to find the best fit for your needs! Comparatively, each of the above conduct the same function but each has its specific purpose and capabilities.

Another option, for those who do not wish to buy something, some stores such as Home Depot and Lowes may have appliance rentals. This is great for guaranteed care and repair, but will cost more in the long run.

Feel free to comment your thoughts or email me if you need more information on a topic I have not yet covered!

Conquer College, Dominate Life

-Hudson, LikeTheRiver





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