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Best Gifts For College Students!

Sometimes it can be the little things that make the biggest differences. As a college student, it made my week when I received a care package or gift from friends and family back home! It always couldn’t have come at a better time, and so many things helped me through tough times to achieve the success that would make my family proud!

Here is my list of gift ideas and necessities for any college student!

Money, Always the Perfect Size and Color!

Everyone loves cash, and ramen-eating college students crave cash more than they crave cookies from the dining hall! It is a necessity!

However, some of my best “cash” gifts came in the form of gas cards, grocery store cards, Amazon cards, and restaurant gift cards (so I could actually take someone on a nice date!).

College students, if they own a vehicle, will drive it until the car is on fumes with their friends on speed dial ready to come push it if need be. They will also go weeks without getting new groceries while living off of the rest of that jar of peanut butter and those two cans of tuna left in the pantry.

I know because I did those things and was eternally grateful when my mother would send me a card with a $20 bill in it!

Necessities! They Aren’t Glamorous But Make All The Difference!

Items such as trash bags, tide pods (not for eating) or detergent, cleaning materials, TOILET PAPER or paper towels, and other home goods quickly turn a $25 grocery trip into a $60 grocery trip. These are a huge relief for the average college student to receive.

I had plenty of friends that would call me because they ran out of toilet paper and were in somewhat of an emergency situation. You never know how depleted their supplies can be.

If the student has been living in the same dorm or apartment for a year or more, a new shower curtain and towels are incredible gifts. And don’t forget about batteries! The last thing someone needs is for an electric razor or toothbrush to die halfway through the job with no reinforcements!

They may not be shiny or worth millions, but the gifts will serve a great purpose and help tremendously.

The Little Electronics! Headphones and Watches

My things were constantly dying or getting broken. It’s just the nature of the beast. I was always in need of new headphones, a new watch, desk lamp, and alarm clock. You name it!

Ask your student the simple question, “Are any of your things broken?” If you ask, “Do you need anything?”, the first answer will probably be, “Nah, I’m good” or “Better grades.”

Probably one of the greatest gifts I received was a pair of Bluetooth headphones after the stock Apple ones broke on me. They were cheap to replace and made it quick and easy to connect for studying or working out.

Fitbits, Apple Watches and other similar gadgets are great for the college student that is into fitness. They allow for the tracking of heart rate, steps, sleep and calories burned, while also allowing students to see notifications. These provide for a large social network of healthy competition as students compare activity and health related statistics.

I was so ecstatic and felt like the luckiest man alive when my girlfriend bought me a fitbit in college. We competed with our friends in the gym by using the trackers and we kept our diet and sleep at a more consistent level!

Amazon has off-brand fitness trackers for $30 or less! If you would rather have a name brand, then the refurbished section is always a great option (It’s how I get all of my electronics now).

A New Laptop?

One day as I was walking through my room, I felt a crunch under my foot. The instant adrenaline and sickening feeling hit my stomach as I moved my clothes from off of my laptop that I had just stepped on. Why in the world did I put my computer on the floor?! And why were my clothes on it?!

IT HAPPENS. Life takes hold, disorganization or clumsiness occurs, and the one device that is needed in ALL college courses nowadays gets broken.

Thankfully, laptops are cheap and accessible for $200 or less! There are plenty of options, both new and used, for college students still using a dinosaur OR who may have accidentally broken their sacred screen. There are extremely great prices for laptops on Amazon such as this great PC for $200!!! You can find even cheaper if you snoop around or if you don’t mind buying used.

If your student prefers a Mac, they can be a bit more pricey. Luckily, Amazon has refurbished options and you can find Macs for hundreds of dollars cheaper! They are certified, thankfully, so you will at least have warranty and Apple’s complete care if you feel uneasy about it.

Organizers for Closets, Desks, or Kitchens!

If only I had received these organizers sooner! Maybe my laptop screen would have survived!

There are so many organizers available for any type of space, and they can make a huge difference in a small dorm or apartment. I personally used this hanging closet organizer for my shoes and workout gear, and this folder organizer for my desk.

Clutter occurs so easily with fast paced classes, jobs, the gym, and a social life. College students can use all the help they can get with the constant increase in textbooks, papers, folders and fliers. Not to mention the detrimental mountain of laundry since doing laundry means spending more money and time.

The Best Gift, Your Time!

By far, the best gift for any college student is the support, love and care from family and friends.

When my parents would come and take me to lunch, or a friend from out-of-town came to stay with me for a weekend, it refreshed my mind and helped take the daily stresses away. Those are some of the simplest, yet best memories of my college experience.

Give a college student what they need to succeed, but also what they need to be happy and feel loved!

Conquer college, dominate life!

Yours in the game for success,

Hudson, LikeTheRiver

Also, shameless plug here, but a great gift would also be my book How to Conquer College: Academically, Physically, and Socially, with Bonus tips for Public Speaking and Inspiration. I promise it will help, and it is only $2 on Amazon!





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