Course Hero Review – Is It Worth The Price?

We all have those moments at college when the realization sets in that it may be too late to resurrect our fallen grades. There is no worse feeling than to see a low percentage after hours in the library, deep in study, knowing you gave more time and effort only to find that it did not pay off. Is it worth it to pay for extra help?

Throughout my college experience, there were numerous occasions where I spent money and time for tutoring, editing and extra help. I personally used Course Hero at one point and I want to give you my honest review of it in the case that you are contemplating the decision to seek external assistance.

Some professors are not willing to help students with learning the material or with increasing their grades. In most cases they may have stern beliefs or would be considered “old school” for not showing compassion, but I have learned that they simply have a love for their subjects and want the students to show the same in their persistence for knowledge.

Nevertheless, the grade is what gets the degree, and so any help is greatly appreciated. Course Hero might be the saving grace that you have been hoping for or it might not, but here is my experience with it.

The best feeling in the world for me was calling home to my parents to say that I was no longer failing a course. Course Hero helped me, but I cannot guarantee that it can help you. This review is meant to help you make the best decision to potentially help your grade, not to sell anything, so please read and look into it for your personal needs! I hope it helps!

What is Course Hero and Will It Help Me?

Course Hero is a site devoted to helping students achieve better grades through offering notes, study guides, past quizzes and exams, as well as online tutoring help. They have multiple options, including a free membership, so that students are not pressured and can seek out material as needed.

You can search for your educational needs by school, course or textbook. This way, no matter what course you areCourse Hero struggling with, there is a way to find help. This can be quite a relief if your class seems to be the first of its kind at your University because chances are that you could find a similar class using the same textbook or material!

Course Hero is designed to help college students in any way possible so that they may achieve better grades. This is a win-win, as the reviews they earn can bring in more students that provide more material and more opportunity. There is even a money back guarantee if you purchase a membership and do not achieve better grades (see the image below).

Thousands have been helped in universities all over the United States but some have not and you can find the negative reviews. Fortunately for me, I had a positive experience that I will now share with you…

My Personal Experience With Course Hero

I initially signed up for the free membership of Course Hero to check it out. It seemed to have every class that I searched for, and the free version gave me some assistance in the form of flash cards for the class quizzes that I needed help with.

I never used the online tutoring, as I was trying to spend as little as possible and I did not feel like communicating with a person through my computer screen. However, the study guides and notes were game on!

I used Course Hero for many of my courses such as Financial Accounting, Marketing, Personal Family Health, Physiology, and Developmental Psychology to name a few! The most benefit that I obtained was while searching for help with the Developmental Psychology course when I had let my grade slip from under me.

I was having a difficult semester with some family and financial stresses in addition to my fraternity and ROTC commitments. The developmental psychology course was online and the lectures never seemed to give adequate information for the quizzes or papers. It wasn’t long before I found myself in the hole and looking for extra help with the course.

As a newer course, there didn’t seem to be much help elsewhere online or from my peers. Everyone I knew seemed to be struggling like I was and I was scared of failing the course. My grade had dropped to a D- and it was past the middle of the semester. I took some money that my grandparents had given me and I “invested” it into my education by purchasing a 3-month Course Hero membership (to last me for the remainder of the semester and beginning of the next one).

I can honestly say that Course Hero helped me to achieve a B+ from the initial D-. My grade and overall GPA, as well as my scholarship, were saved! I also increased the grades of my other classes during that semester but the increases were not nearly as noticeable or needed.

While I had the membership, I searched for future classes and saved the study guides in advance. I used the three months as effectively as I could to save money for the information I was receiving.

It helped me a great deal to regain my GPA in the midst of stress. Click here to check it out!

What Are The Pro’s and Con’s?

While I, and my close friends, had positive experiences with Course Hero, there are many online reviews that speak negatively on the site’s membership. Here are the PRO’s and CON’s at its most basic so that you can better make the decision for yourself.

PRO’s, What Does Course Hero Have To Offer?

  1. Resources can be found by school, course or textbook.
  2. There is a free membership available.
  3. You can trade your own notes and course documents for “unlock” credits (to avoid buying a membership).
  4. Online Tutoring and direct help are available.
  5. Money-back guarantee if your grades do not increase!
  6. There is study material for both courses and standardized tests.
  7. Offers scholarship and reward opportunities!

CON’s, Why Might You Steer Clear of Course Hero?

  1. Some people have not found exactly what they need (purpose of the free membership first to search the platform).
  2. Poor reviews about the “Instant” online tutoring.
  3. Expensive price for broke college students (Why they created the trade of documents for unlock credits).
  4. People have signed up and not increased their grades due to their own lack of effort (The platform does not do work for you, it gives you material to assist with studying).
  5. Some material offered can be identical to quizzes or other academic material so you must know your University’s honor code and academic honesty policies as well as how to use the material honestly and effectively for yourself (Course Hero has most policies of universities contained on its site as well as its own honor code and terms of use).

More Thoughts Based On The Pro’s and Con’s

Assess your needs and search on Course Hero to make sure that it has material for what you are looking for. Remember that this is a platform that offers study material and not a company that completes work or essays for you.

I found a great deal of helpful material for online courses and some additional study material for my in-person courses. It was worth it for me to get a temporary membership despite the price because it did raise my grade from a D to a B (as previously mentioned).

Some of my friends did not pay for it themselves, but instead split the cost of ONE membership and all benefited. This is a great way to go about it to spend less for the same amount of notes and material! (Something to consider).

It is easy to sign up for a free account, which also enters you in for a scholarship, and you can look around the site to make sure it has what you need or want.

I would not rely on the instant tutoring to save you based on the experiences of others, but it is worth a try to check it out. You never know who they might have working that could help you.

It can’t hurt to make an account and there are other sites that offer similar educational help in the case that it does not give you what you need (I’ll be making more reviews on others soon!).

The Final Verdict, Is Course Hero Right For YOU?

My final rating of Course Hero would be an 8 out of 10!

It helped me tremendously and some of my peers. My grades did actually increase and I have to honestly say that it was worth the price for me to get the three-month membership to finish out my semester.

The reasons that I did not make it a perfect score are that the price is high (for broke college students… I know that ramen noodle life very well) and there are negative reviews online from people who did not find the help they needed.

However, with the free sign-up and the ability to trade your own notes for unlock-credits that can be used to get study materials for free, there is no reason for you to pay before you know if they have what you need or not! Also, there is a money-back guarantee if it does not help your grade, so there is little, if any, risk.

It was worth it for me and I hope that it can help you too! I will be reviewing other similar sites that helped me in the near future, so be on the lookout!

==> Click here to create a free account and see what Course Hero has to offer! <==

If you want me to cover a topic that I haven’t yet mentioned or if you have any questions/experiences with or about Course Hero, please comment below!

I want you to get the highest grades possible and achieve maximum success in all that you do!

Conquer College and Dominate Life!

-Hudson, LikeTheRiver

P.S. The right study strategy will always result in better grades than relying on an external platform for notes. See my study tips here to ensure that you get the best grades you can without having to spend money!






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