How To Have More Energy In The Morning!

The way that you start your day is often the way that you finish it! I want you to be able to start the day with enough energy and drive to carry you through so that you can be more productive, helpful, and achieve more success in college!

It can be broken down into multiple parts that I will go into. We need to first address your physiology; what is happening in your body! Next we will tackle your mindset; your internal conversation and mental game. Then we will go into your drive and purpose for a little motivation! To finish, I’ll give you some extra tips and insight into what I do!

Are you ready to be able to wake up earlier with more energy? Do you want more time so that you aren’t feeling sluggish and rushing to get to class or work? I’ve got your back! If this helps you, please let me know in the comments at the bottom!

Let’s Start With Your Body! Refresh Yourself To Conquer The Day!

The first thing that I want to address is your physiology! The way that your body feels is largely how you will feel!

If you wake up and feel tired, I want you to force yourself out of bed and spring up! You’ve got to get vertical fast! The longer that you stay horizontal on the soft and warm sheets, the worse your day will begin.

Next, I want you to take a deep breath and stretch your arms out overhead as if you were creating angel wings in the air (think snow angel, but you’re standing…get it?). Get fresh oxygen into your lungs and your body’s cells! Oxygen is part of how we create energy in our bodies!

Third, the BEST thing you can do is to drink one to two glasses of cold water! A big reason for your fatigue is actually dehydration, and the cold water provides multiple benefits! It cleanses your internal organs for a fresh start and it helps you to start burning calories due to cold thermogenesis (see my post on losing the freshman 15 for more!).

Now you can reach for that wonderful black gold: coffee. Make sure you drink a good amount of cold water beforehand because coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it dehydrates you! Remember that you already start out dehydrated when you wake up, so you need to re-hydrate before the coffee or you will fall victim to the never ending cycle of feeling tired and thirsty.

Before eating anything, move! Get active for 10 to 30 minutes. It can be simply walking in your neighborhood or around campus. Get your blood pumping before you come back to eat, (if you eat in the mornings), and then get a nice shower! I guarantee you will feel refreshed! (For an added boost, end your shower on cold; again, thermogenesis).

Finally, if you want breakfast, eat a well-balanced meal without much added sugar. You should have some healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates without sweets. An example of a breakfast I tend to go for is a few eggs (protein and fats) with avocado (fats) and organic salsa (carbs). If I did some heavy weight training and need more carbs I might add a tortilla.

Avoid cereals and fruit juices! They are often loaded with sugar and this will cause your body to crash right after you get to class or work.

Next, let’s go into your mind!

Now For Your Mindset! What Do You Say To Yourself Or Others?

Your internal conversation is very powerful regarding how you feel! Your conversations with others also have a large effect!

“What do you mean, Hudson?” Well, I’ll tell you! Let’s use someone else for example and assume that you don’t do this detrimental habit (insert wink emoji).

I’m sure you know someone that wakes up and they tell everyone how tired they are. They talk about how little sleep they got, or this thing that kept them up. They talk about how awful it is to wake up early. The terrible thing is that their internal conversation is most likely even worse!

When they wake up, they probably hit snooze a few times on their alarm while thinking to themselves that they are so exhausted. “Ugh I hate getting up.” “Monday mornings are the worst!” “Wow, only five hours of sleep. I feel awful. Look at these bags under my eyes. How am I going to get through the day?”

Holy moly, I just got tired from writing that! Time to get that stuff behind us forever! I’m sure that you can see how that can negatively affect the entire start to your day if you do that!

Here’s what you can try instead if you ever find this happening to you!

When you wake up, simply say thank you! Feel grateful that you are alive for another day and have another chance to chase your dreams! Think about how grateful you are for being able to sleep in a bed or have a roof over your head!

Constantly reverse the negative thoughts in your head. Yes it will take effort! The great things in life always do and I promise that this is so worth it! When you think, “Gosh I’m so exhausted”, then say “No, I am full of energy!”

You decide how you feel, and sometimes you have to force it before the rest of your brain and body catch on!

Also, this is the only time I will tell you to do this, but lie to people! Never admit how tired you are! Tell everyone that you are doing great and excited for the day! Hearing yourself say this aloud will also trick your subconscious into believing it even more and soon enough you will be buzzing with good vibes!

What Is Your Reason For Waking Up Early?

Marcus Aurelius once said, “Is this my purpose? To huddle under the blankets and stay warm?”

This can’t be your purpose in life, as much as it might feel great at the time. If you have struggled to wake up early and make it to class, you should develop your reason to the point that it is strong enough to get you out of bed!

For example, if your parents were leaving for a few years and you had to wake up extremely early to say goodbye, you will probably have no problem doing it! Of course, trying to suddenly go to the gym or an early class out of nowhere may not be as inspiring.

There are two ways to go about this, and combining them is incredibly powerful.

The first way is to think about what you want. Create your ultimate purpose for waking up earlier. For example, if you want to start your day earlier to get more done, go deep into why!

Is it because you want to have more time later in the day? Why? You want extra time to do the things you love. Why? Following your passion refreshes you and brings you happiness. Why do you want that? When you are happier and following your passion, you are more sincere and helpful to others, more productive in school, work, and society! You’re able to make the world a better place!

The second way is to think about what you do not want! Maybe you hate how you always have to rush to class, stressed out and frantic as some guy on a scooter almost hits you, and how your professor scoffs at you as you run into the lecture hall! Create a strong purpose from this by going deep into your why!

Why do you not want to be frantically rushing? On the surface, maybe you want to wake up earlier so that you have some time to relax and enjoy your coffee before strolling to class and seeing the beauty of the sunrise! The deeper reason might be that if you weren’t rushed, you would have had time to look over your notes one more time and you would feel calm and prepared for class.

By being calm and prepared, you’re able to learn more and get better grades, further opening opportunities for you with your degree! Deeper still, with your higher GPA you might be able to go to further schooling or get a better job! Why do you want this? Maybe it is to make your family proud of you. Why? Maybe it is because you never want your parents to have to work again, and maybe you don’t want to ever be in a spot where you have to tell your future children that you can’t afford something.

These are the deeper reasons and true purposes for getting up earlier to be more productive and happy! Knowing and reminding yourself of these will give you more drive. Simply put, snoozing means less time, less happiness, and less money later to take care of the people you love.

Additional Tips and Strategies That I Use!

One of the best things you can do to make waking up early easier is to go to bed earlier! I know this can be difficult for some, but you really don’t need extra time with social media, your computer or television.

(The first night may be difficult for you to fall asleep. Force yourself to get up anyway. The next night you will be more tired and easily fall asleep. At that point you have started your new process).

Drink more water all the time; before bed and during the night if you wake up! I don’t mind having to get up to use the restroom because I know that drinking more water means I will wake up less tired! Also, for a boost you can squeeze half a lemon in your water in the morning! Trust me, it will invigorate you!

Eat healthy and make sure you are getting proper nutrients! Vitamins B and D help greatly with feeling awake and happier! Avoid sugary and fatty fast food treats, as they are full of empty or unhealthy calories that will leave you sluggish.

Exercise and be more active on a consistent basis! A rolling stone gathers no moss and an object in motion stays in motion! The more you move, the more energy you will have! The more you sit, the more lethargic you will feel!

If you have to use your computer at night, wear blue-light blocking glasses or get a screen! The blue light messes up your melatonin production and tricks your brain into thinking it is still daylight. This is a huge reason why a lot of people toss and turn and why some like me are able to work late and still sleep like a baby. It’s a total life hack and I got these here off of Amazon!

Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep! Less than this or more than this will leave you slightly more tired. However, if you only get a few hours of sleep, try to get a nap in at some point. The perfect nap is usually between 15 and 25 minutes! More than 30 and you risk feeling more tired than when you started!

Finally, don’t look at your fitbit or other sleep tracking device right when you wake up! It will automatically cause you to think about your sleep in a certain way based on the number you see on the screen. So if you woke up feeling okay, after you see that you only slept five and a half hours on your tracker, suddenly you’ll feel awful. Don’t do this to yourself, it’s a trap!

Start Your Day With Energy and Make Today Better Than Yesterday!

I sincerely hope that this post helped you! If it did, or if you have your own tips for waking up earlier with more energy, please leave a comment below!

The way that you start the day has a huge impact on your attitude and performance throughout the day!

Start off strong and own the day. No more will the days own you! You can decide how you want to feel and how you want to live!

Conquer College and Dominate Life!

-Hudson, LikeTheRiver






  • Susanne

    Hi Hudson (like the River)

    I’m from upstate NY so I am pretty familiar with that one. Anyways, congrats on a really cool niche, and great article. I can honestly say this is one of the first that I have seen that comes across completely as helpful, interesting AND professionally written. You have a great balance of information and personal style. Your theme, layout and design is beautiful and the overall site is great.The only suggestion I have would be to add a top menu and divide your articles into categories so people can find topics they are looking for quicker rather than scrolling through titles on the side. I really enjoyed reading your article from beginning to end so kudos to you. Best of luck on your journey, you are doing great.

    • Hudson

      Thank you Susanne! I appreciate your kind words and your suggestions! I’m glad that the post came across as helpful because I truly want to add value for others! I remember so many frustrating moments during college and I am creating a site that I wish I could have had in my favorites tab. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors as well!

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