Part Time Summer Jobs for College Students or High School Graduates

If you just graduated high school or finished your first year of college, congratulations and get ready for an amazing summer!!! It’s time to hit the beaches, go wild, and make amazing memories with family and friends.

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However, it’s hard to have fun every day if you spend the majority of time bored at home and broke.

Here are some of the best part-time summer jobs for you to consider, and my humble experiences/opinions for you to make a great decision!

Work in a Restaurant as a Server, Barback or Bartender

The service industry is a great place to go into for work as a young adult because part-time hours are easy to find, you can get paid more in tips for working harder, and not much experience is needed. Depending on the establishment that you apply to, the pay can vary between $5/hr to $25/hr with tips from $50 to $200 a shift.

Always shoot for the best and work down from there. The worst thing that can happen is a place says no, and you go work at their competition to shove it in their face. Right?

Now that you are older, you can upgrade from the little sandwich shop or fast food chain you worked in previously, and go for a position at a college town restaurant or upscale establishment that pays well (or at least will have better tips from more generous patrons).

Getting into the bar scene has huge potential for revenue, but be prepared for very late nights. Also, it may help to go through a bartending school like I did, but that can be costly (a huge thank you to my lovely parents) and there are easier jobs to get into such as…

Working For a Moving Company

Ah yes! My first college job I got into during the summer after freshmen year! I signed up for a moving company that had temporarily come into my college town, and it was run through an app on my iPhone. There are plenty of options and I was paid $15/hr to move boxes and furniture.

The tips are usually nice because people feel bad when you move things in the summer heat. I highly recommend this as a part-time summer job if you are in decent shape, don’t mind interacting with families, and love to help people.

Yardwork, Odd Jobs, and Maintenance – Including Computers!

As long as people have homes, people will always need lawn care, objects repaired, or technological problems solved. You can go onto sites such as Craigslist and find plenty of people that need help with simple or odd jobs in their homes. One time someone paid me to superglue a chair leg back on the chair. The opportunities are out there!

You don’t have to be crazy-skilled or an expert, you just have to be willing to reach out to help people and learn to search YouTube/google for tutorials. Plenty of people need help with technology if they don’t have tech-savvy adolescents around, and it can be as simple as downloading a free antivirus software to speed up their device.

Babysitting or… Dogsitting!

There are so many opportunities to help people by watching their children! Whether their children are human babies or pets, people need them cared for when they leave town for summer vacations.

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Most of the time the pay is very good, sometimes extremely good. I’ve heard that people are paid more nowadays to watch dogs than children!

Some great sites to try are Sittercity for babysitting, or both Rover and Pettsitter for household pets!

Be a Delivery Driver!

Delivery drivers are being paid a substantial amount and if your car gets great gas mileage, this is an amazing opportunity! I saw a sign saying Domino’s is paying $15/hr, and there are plenty of other restaurants and apps willing to pay more.

If you are at least 21 years old, you can drive for Uber or Uber Eats. However, your name must be on the vehicle insurance (something that restricted my ability to drive for Uber in college).

BUT, you can advertise to be a designated driver for your friends or family, and I guarantee they will be willing to pay a few bucks for it. That can add up quickly and worked very well for me on certain nights in college. I charged each person $3 to drive them a mile, and with four people, I made $12 in six minutes. Rinse and repeat baby!

Lifeguard or Camp Counselor

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If you love being outdoors, these are great options. You can definitely find paid positions for both and they can provide some amazing and beautiful experiences.

If you are considering becoming a lifeguard, you could work at a pool, the beach, or a theme park. Be prepared to be in great physical condition, especially for a job at the beach.

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, being a camp counselor for an Eco camp is a great option! It is a fun and rewarding experience kayaking, hiking, and exploring nature while mentoring younger kids.

Opportunities are Endless!

You find what you seek! If you need a flexible part-time job so that you can live life to the fullest during your summer off, consider some of these options or go scouting for your own! One final note, is don’t ever let someone take advantage of your age or experience, and try to skew you out of payment. You decide how much your time and effort are worth, and you know what you need.

Never settle, conquer your financial situation, and dominate life!

Your friend,

Hudson, LikeTheRiver





  • Maun

    Hi Hudson,
    Just graduated from college with the Management major. I plan to hit the beaches, go wild in one of the top ten US beaches. I will come to Florida beach before the end of this month. You’re from Florida, right?

    Very help information on your site about finding part-time jobs. After going wild, perhaps I get a part-time job to supplement my income.

    I am sure of check out Craigslist for simple and odd jobs too.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      Congratulations on the graduation! That’s a big step and I’m excited to see where life takes you! For the moment I am in FL and enjoying the beaches as much as I am able to! God luck with everything!

  • Thabo

    Hey man I wish I knew these options while I was still a college students I would have definitely earned myself extra money.
    I would have opted to working in a restaurant or bar, But with the bar i didnt know there were schools for them. Do these schools happen all over the world because I never heard of them in my country.

    Thanx for a great article

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you see the benefit in my post! Tending bar is a great and fun experience, and my school was through ABCbartending which is only in the US. However, there are international bar tending schools out there! One that comes to my mind immediately is the “ebs course” on If you don’t need the certification, then all of the drink tutorials are free on YouTube and much more convenient!

  • Irma

    Lot’s of great ideas here! I used to love waitressing. I made tons of money, I always had cash in my wallet, and I got to sleep in most days as I worked the closing shift (best tips in the evening too!).

    My friends daughter waitressed at a bar during university and was making more that she will make when she graduates! Woo hoo.

    My friends son has his lifeguard certificates and was paid very well for his summer job as a lifeguard at a summer camp.

    I hope that you will be doing a post on saving money next 🙂

    • Hudson

      Yes! I’m so glad you have experienced and seen how many well-paying opportunities are out there! And thank you for the idea, I will definitely be making an article on saving money in college. I learned the hard way through some tough penny-pinching lessons, ha!

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